Even though 2020 started a bit bad for weddings, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about it. If you are the bride of 2020, take this period as an extra time to think more about the details of the wedding and the wedding dress.

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Since we are talking about the wedding dress, what should you consider before choosing it? Of course the trends that will prevail this year and most likely the other.

Clean lines

Before we dive into the extravagant embellishments that await us at this year’s weddings, let’s dwell a little on the minimalist trend. While this trend is no longer dominant on catwalks, it remains preferred by brides around the world. Dresses that have clean lines and simple fabrics without embellishments make brides feel comfortable. If you want to give your minimalist look a different touch, consider dramatic bridal elements (tail, veil, etc.) that will give you the feeling that "you are a bride."

Voluminous sleeves

We’re not talking about Princess Kate’s sleeves, we’re talking about voluminous, very puffy sleeves. We saw them a bit last year, and now they are appearing everywhere. But before you choose large sleeves for your bridal gown, make sure you really like them, not just because you’ve seen them everywhere. If they are not in your style, the chances of regretting such a choice later are very high.

Shoulders out

This trend continues to be very popular and we think it will stay with us for a long time to come. It looks like a timeless trend and is perfect for photo sets as well.


We are seeing less and less white color at weddings. Many modern brides want something non-traditional, choosing colorful dresses. Some brides dare with strong colors, while others choose the color of champagne or ivory with colorful embroidery. Choose a colorful dress if this is something you have always wanted. Otherwise skip this trend.

3D elements

Whether it’s silk petals, layered layers or ornate beads, we’re seeing a lot of three-dimensional elements in bridal dresses. It seems that these elements make the difference that the bride's appearance needs. Add a 3D element to your look if you want to stand out at your wedding.

Exposure of the feet

If before the only thing you could expose with the wedding dress was the neck, in 2020 the focus is on the legs. We love this trend because not only do you have to show off the wedding body you’ve worked so hard for, but you also have to show off your shoes. Depending on how bold you are, you can choose how open you want the slit of the dress. The choice is yours!


We know that cape dresses are not a new trend, but we are finally seeing them in brides as well. When choosing a cape that exposes you to the top of your clothes, instead of covering it. Also choose a dress that you can remove the cape, so that when you feel the need, after or during the ceremony, remove it.