While the trends of bridal dresses are constantly changing, one thing has always remained constant - the white color of the dress, which is most preferred by all brides. However, this has not always been the case. In Western culture, the color of bridal dresses has not always been white. In fact, white bridal dresses came into vogue in 19th-century meds and became common in the mid-20th century.

Until the middle of the 19th century, many brides wore the most beautiful dress they had on their wedding day. Low-class brides usually wore black dresses. While the upper classes wore dresses with luxurious pieces and with gold and silver embroidery, as well as fluffy. These dresses were worn even after the wedding and the white dress was seen as impractical, as it would get dirty quickly and could not be worn as often after the wedding as the colored dresses.

The trend of the white dress was started by Queen Victoria. In 1840, she married Prince Albert and chose a white dress. As an accessory she chose a floral wreath. This was one of the first weddings that caused a stir in the media and the photos were distributed all over the world.

Illustration of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Brides wanted to look like queens, and this began the story of the white wedding dress - what we still know today as the traditional bridal gown.

After Queen Victoria, wealthy brides began to wear white dresses because the atom und could withstand its cleaning (brides continued to wear the bride's dress even after the wedding).

In many books and notes it is said that the white dress represents the purity and innocence of the bride, but according to the history of the white wedding dress it is not at all so. White was seen as the color of the rich, indicating one's well-being rather than purity or virginity.

After World War II, the white dress gained even more popularity - starting with the three-quarter-length dresses inspired by Audrey Hepburn. When Princess Diana wore her voluminous dress to the famous wedding to Prince Charles, the place of the white dress in history was strengthened to never fade again.

However some eastern cultures consider white as a bad color, so the bride’s dress has other colors. Red is the color of bridal dresses in India, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc.

Also, some brides who are not from Eastern countries prefer colored dresses, to go beyond the traditional. Even some celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel have replaced the white dress at their wedding to have a more unique look.