Feeling bad because you do not have a healthy sex life? You can find an answer from author Rachel Hills on "sex myths".

For her book, "The Myth of Sex: The Gap Between Fantasy and Reality," the feminist blogger spent six years researching and interviewing more than 200 men and women ages 16 to 32 across America, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, for the sex life that the surveyed couples had or did not have.

Myth no. 1: You should have sex at least twice a week

Hills says most of the women she spoke to said that if they are in a relationship, they have sex at least twice a week, but a study in Britain found that the real average is just under five times a month. "There are other things that affect the quality of a relationship - how much you enjoy each other's company, how much you laugh, etc.," she says. "The quality of the relationship cannot be summed up by how often one person penetrates another."

Myth no. 2: Men only think about sex all the time

"Men are not greedy sex animals," says Hills. "Like women, they are human and three-dimensional complex." A recent study showed that only 25 percent of men would have a relationship more than a relationship, and a Princeton University study found that only one-fifth of men thought that “girls are a key to life. their social ”.

Thus, myths fall down. Men are not what they seem, apparently… Girl, do not judge them anymore!