Here's an interesting question for you: Should we compare sex to fitness?

It is a known fact that this intimate act increases our heart rate, increases our metabolic rate and strengthens certain muscles. But when it comes to the abundance of other fitness benefits, let’s say it depends on how much ‘you are working’.

According to Men's Health, during a 30-minute 'average' sex session, women burned 69 calories and men 100 calories. And that's not all you gain - or lose - from this heart-pumping exercise. Think about all those muscles you are strengthening during your session.

However, seriously speaking, sex can in no way replace exercise; only if you perform 3 hours of intercourse, which is practically impossible. So with regret we tell you that you should go to the gym the next day, even though you may be sleep deprived.

However there is something you can prolong as long as you want, by burning a good handful of calories: Kisses! Did you know that 1 hour of kissing burns about 70 calories? All the muscles and tendons of the body are set in motion; the heart starts working faster, and is a good way to stir up the partner for a longer sex.