Sexual intercourse can be one of the most beautiful moments that bind a couple, but still there are still some rules, which if not followed, do not last long and do not show how good you are at it.

There are some cases that even though the couple is in love and has successful chemistry, even in bed, something happens, a wrong move and everything is blown up. This happens on both sides.

Below you will find four actions that it is best to avoid after intercourse, because many can simply destroy in the moment the magical moments you spent a little while ago.

Let's start:

Do not sleep right away. Ok, everyone gets tired, but what does it cost you a hug, two sweet words and sleep next to each other?

Do not run to the toilet. Sex is not dirty, except when you yourself want it. So stay in bed half an hour longer. Everything is cleaned, without worry.

Do not touch the phone with your hand. Say goodbye to enjoying something. Phone things can wait, she or the one next to you, maybe not.

Think carefully about what and how you will eat. Do not leave the impression to the other that the girl or boy with whom he had intercourse a little while ago was dying to eat and had no mind at all in what he was doing.