Spices have been known as aphrodisiacs for centuries and have deserved this chapter. We all know that black and red pepper is an excellent stimulant and is able to enhance male virility. The ancient Romans advised pepper for those who were sexually weak. But there are other slightly underestimated species, which have all-natural miraculous effects.

For the faster cooks who do not like to engage in ovens, a good pastry with garlic, olive oil and chili peppers could be an ideal solution. Spicy always reserves beautiful surprises.

For good blood circulation and excellent performance, the small buds of cloves squeezed in oil give unexpected joys, as well as the usual saffron to be enjoyed in risotto alla milanese.

Saffron is held as having irritating abilities over erogenous zones, while mustard stimulates the action of the sex glands. Vanilla, thanks to its euphoric effect on the central nervous system and its seductive aroma, can also act indirectly as a sexual stimulant.

Nutmeg and parsley are no less important. Known since antiquity, they favor the desire of the couple and donate acrobatic performances under the sheets.

If you want to stay young and terrified when you notice in the mirror the first wrinkles, ginger and ordinary oregano , in addition to being excellent aphrodisiacs, are also effective elixirs of longevity. Ginger is often used in drinks that stimulate the senses.

Finally, two spices for both sexes: nutmeg seems to be very effective in men, while parsley has an exciting effect in women.

Remember the diet that nourishes the body, mind and sexual desires:

Breakfast 1

Strawberries with powdered sugar

Fresh orange juice




Lunch 1

Strawberry soup

Cereal cheese

Asparagus salad

Fresh pears


Darka 1

Seafood soup

Green salad

Toasted bread

Pear compote