Women, by nature, seem to want less in bed, but just like men, they want their sex life not to become monotonous. That part of the day that you have only for yourself, try to be more creative by stimulating the imagination, but also by practicing the wishes of everyone.

Men are more open to the demands they have in bed and want their partner to do the same. For intimacy to be even more fun, then, guys, keep in mind that your partner has two priority criteria that he loves every night in bed, but never says.

Be more aggressive

Rest assured that a hot sex night for every woman is described as "aggressive sex" and the demands that women always have about their partners is "more aggressive sex". Starting from pulling hair and moving on, women are always ok for aggressive sex. Of course, this is not about overdoing it (fantasy has no limit), but maybe a little "quarrel" in the bedroom can do wonders for sex life.

Treat them like prostitutes

Ah, fantasies! Their beauty lies in the fact that many of them are not realized. But there are many women who point out: 'I'm tired of being the' good lady 'in the bedroom. " "I'm tired of making love as gently and delicately as possible and almost always." Like many others they demand that men treat them like prostitutes, changing their routine, place, styles or even asking their partners what they like best.