The more we want to joke with the horoscope, the more we relate when we hear from astrology any details of the character that represents us, and the more interesting we find what is written by it. Regardless of the qualities that each of us enjoys in life or the stubbornness to not believe in the horoscope, it is impossible not to leave something he is doing while listening to the prediction of his sign. Below is a recent prediction by Suzie Wright Kerr, to reveal some of the characteristics that your birth month has with everyone's sex life. Why is the month of birth closely related to intimate relationships?

January: All those born in January tend to be more conspiratorial when it comes to hooking up with someone. But whenever they start to like someone, they are quite persistent and do everything to make it for themselves. Those born in this month have sometimes even strange signs. If they join November-borns, the intimate connection is ideal.

February: Those born in February are adventurous. They are very passionate and sensitive, but you have to work hard with them. Their hands are focused on big things, but if you really try to touch them emotionally, the battle is won. They are often hard to connect with emotionally, it's not that they aren't emotional, it's just that you have to work hard with them.

March: March -borns love spending time in bed. Sex for them is quite intense and delicious, because they tend to give their partner everything they have and can, taking intimacy to a very high level of spiritual experiences.

April: Those born in the month of April are very independent, but when it comes to sexual relations they give everything they have. They are quite passionate because they are ruled by the planet Mars, but if sex is over for them, it's really over. Sex for them is intense, powerful and of high quality.

May: Those born in the month of May prefer a calm, comfortable and emotionally warm sex. They prefer the relationship with their partner to be as sophisticated as possible, in a comfortable bed and in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

June: Those born in this month are also intense. They want to try everything, every possible position, everything related to intimacy that they can explore. If you are looking for someone who is both intense and ready for intimacy, June people will find a solution.

July: Sex with people born in July must be deep and very emotional. Without feeling secure and closely connected with someone, they don't take the next step. But once they are reassured and feel valued, they are willing to do anything for their partner.

August: Those born in the month of August can be either extremely selfish or extremely generous. They want to make sure their partner has everything they need, because otherwise they leave and sleep with someone else for a night, then "forget" everything. They hate being told what to do because their egos are so easily touched that they become impatient.

September:  They are very passionate, but always in control of their emotions. So when it comes to sex, it takes a little more work for them to let go of their emotions and enjoy it to the fullest. They don't tend to fall easily into temptation, but when they get to that point, there's nothing they won't do.

October: People born in October love to paint a passionate and romantic situation. After that, they die to tell you how it is and how they feel. They imagine an ideal situation of their intimacy, and even show their fantasies to their partner. They really want the act to last and be as slow and passionate as possible, even though it's not like they experience passion in the right way.

November: Those born in November are the epitome of passionate sex. They love to own their partner and demand that they do the same. They are quite emotional, so they tend to be ready to try everything, every possible position and imagination, just to experience every form and situation with emotion.

December: Those born in December are very creative in bed. They love to create stories and role play with their partner. Although they are a little hard to connect with emotionally, sex with them is a lot of fun.