Interbrand today announced the classification of Best Global Brands 2022 (The best brands in the world in 2022), on the occasion of the Web Summit 2022.

Apple leads for the tenth year in a row, while Microsoft moved up to second place, behind Amazon.

Microsoft, Tesla and Chanel recorded the largest percentage growth on a year-over-year basis, increasing brand value by 32%.

Despite continued growth, Tesla failed to replicate the 184% increase in brand value recorded in 2021.

Top 10

With an 18% increase in brand value, Apple ($482.215 million) remains at the top of the ranking.

It is followed by Microsoft ($278.288 million), which leaves Amazon ($274.819 million) in second place. Google ($251.751 million) maintains fourth place.

The ranking of the top ten brands follows with Samsung #5 (US $ 87,689 m), Toyota #6 (US $ 59,757 m), Coca-Cola #7 (US $ 57,535 m), Mercedes-Benz #8 (US $ 56,103 m), Disney #9 (US $ 50,325 m) and Nike #10 (US $ 50,289 m) for the first time.

The top 10 brands represent 53% of the total value of the entire table.

Table value

Average brand value surpassed US$3 trillion for the first time – up 16% compared to 2021 (US$2,667,524m).

The 16% increase in overall brand value in the table shows the growing contribution of a company's brand in driving its economic success.

While financial markets have seen significant performance in recent years, the value of the world's strongest brands has steadily increased, driving customer choice, loyalty and margins./monitor/