It sounds like the title of a Bowie album from the 70s, but anorgasm is actually the inability to have an orgasm.

It can happen to both sexes, but according to the Global Library of Medicine it is much more common in women. In a 2004 study from the University of Texas regarding sexual dysfunction in women, 24 percent of participants reported orgasmic dysfunction. This number is very high.

The causes of anorgasmia are multifactorial. Medications, anxiety or other psychological crises, drug or alcohol use, gynecological medical issues, and hormonal changes due to aging can all be to blame. Going to your gynecologist or other health care provider to rule out medical causes should be the first thing you do if you are concerned about this.

And remember that the vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation, not just vaginal penetration, to achieve orgasm. It's possible that you haven't tried what works for you yet.

Remember, just because you haven't had an orgasm yet doesn't mean you never will. 

The most common causes are:

Anxiety about the success of sexual intercourse: this preliminary anxiety damages or limits intimacy with the partner.

The relationship with the body: it may happen that anorgasm comes because of a personal restraint, which can be provoked by insecurity and lack of self-confidence.


Psychological blockages that can come because the person has been a victim of sexual violence in the past, which can also lead to loss of feelings.

Lack of clitoral stimulation: Women feel cramped and embarrassed to express this need of theirs and often have the tendency to avoid discussing this topic.

An unsuitable couple: Very often, anorgasm is associated with a certain partner since this has not happened to the partner with other partners.

The use of narcotic substances and antidepressants also has an impact on not reaching orgasm and can have an inhibitory effect on it.

A complete self-control: in this case, the most predisposed to suffer are harsh/self-critical people, who hardly leave themselves free to enjoy these emotional moments.