Among the many erotic fantasies that fill the minds of men and women every day, sex in the shower is one of the most frequent. The heat of the water, the intimacy that a small space offers, the nudity we are used to in that context...

In short, sex in the shower is relaxing and a favorite thought.

Is sex in the shower a good idea?

Whether it's penetrative sex, masturbation, or caressing, shower sex can be either very good or a failure. It must be remembered that even under the hot water and soapy bubbles, the risks of sexual intercourse (STDs, candida, urinary tract infections and unwanted pregnancy) remain the same, so we must again focus on safety.

How to realize erotic fantasies in the shower?

Often movies and novels have presented sex in the shower as a very simple thing, between passionate kisses and love with aromatic foam. Unfortunately the reality is very different, the shower cubicle is wet, the space is often small and tight, doing things standing up is not always easy, especially if your partner has a height difference. In short, we must carefully study the best techniques to avoid making a moment of pleasure a mission impossible.