We live "in a world that is obsessed with penis size ," as sex expert Zachary Zane puts it.

This is one of the most common body image concerns among cisgender men, Zane explains, even though the vast majority of people are around the same size.

The average length of an erect penis is about 12 to 14 cm, and about 95% are within this range.

No one should be defined by size, Zane says, and everyone can have their own way of making sex life rewarding. 

Some men have expressed:

- Pay more attention to the foreplay

- You know the expression: "It's not the size of the boat; it is the movement of the ocean.”

"As someone with a small penis size, I've found this to be true over time. Although I was once insecure about my size, I've also learned that having a larger penis isn't always conducive to having better sex.If you know how to use what you have, size doesn't matter that much.

The more sex I've had, the better I've been able to understand anatomy, that everyone's size is different, and the importance of clitoral stimulation. Being good in bed is also about having confidence in yourself, which I haven't always had."