For more than a decade, Zhaklin Lekatari has had an important position in the country regarding sex education and taboo-free communication.

Asked directly what she would consider a 'beautiful sex', on the show 'Let me talk', Zaklina Lekatari said that 'good sex' for her is when she feels fulfilled by her partner. Zhaklina insisted that in a sexual relationship, if a woman does not experience orgasm, it does not mean that she did not experience pleasure.

"When you are satisfied, when even sexually your partner understands you and speaks your body language, vibrates with you. Orgasm and ejaculation in men are two separate moments. Orgasm can be the climax for women, but in a relationship "Sexually, if you don't experience orgasm, it doesn't mean you haven't experienced pleasure. So pleasure and orgasm are not synonymous with each other."