Recent studies in Britain come to the conclusion that sex toys contain dangerous plastic particles.

Microplastic particles from multiple sources are absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

They can also disrupt immune responses and damage the nervous system, as well as the reproductive and developmental systems.

Now, along with air pollution and contact with other plastics, a new source of pollution, such as sex toys, has been identified by scientists.

The findings will be discussed at the Society for Risk Analysis 2023 Annual Conference in Washington DC next month, shortly after world leaders were accused of showing "zero ambition" to protect human health at the Global Plastics Treaty talks in Kenya.

Twenty experts co-signed an open letter arguing that the UN's initial "Draft Zero" is not "strong enough to protect the health of future generations".

Plastic chemicals have spread like a plague to every part of our planet, even within us at levels known to be dangerous. However, industry projections based on 'business-as-usual' predict that the volume of plastics created will double by mid-century.