When damaged tights have even passed the repair phase, it looks like death is coming. But there are always ways to use them as damaged, before throwing them in the trash. There are several ways in which you can benefit greatly at home, because with torn tights you can create endless relief.

Here are 10 amazing ways to recycle old, torn (still super useful) tights:

1. Keep posters or other materials wrapped and tied with tights.

2. Use as a padding for pillows (in empty places).

3. Use as a sponge for sticky or low-grease surfaces.

4. Connect the flower vases around and create a new look with them.

5. Fill the cracks in the dog or cat area with them to prevent the sand from spreading.

6. Remove deodorant stains from clothes by rubbing them with tights.

7. Use to clean metals that are easily scratched.

8. Cut the tights with scissors and place on cracked or damaged surfaces.

9. Use it as a lace arm whenever you are going to beat a temporary pain (when you are getting a tattoo eg for Halloween).

10. Always keep the hair brush clean. Once you have cleaned the brush from the gathered hair strands, start cleaning its strands on the inside by dividing them two by two, with a piece from the torn tights.