Joy, happiness and enthusiasm. That's what all young parents should feel. But in reality parents sometimes feel sad, anxious, depressed, and tired. These are feelings that can make the parenting difficult and occasionally doubt if you are a good parent.

The desire to be perfect

Researchers from a university in Belgium came to an interesting conclusion: parents are in great pressure to be the best and the most successful in what they do. But the truth is that sometimes the standards we have set for ourselves are unrealistic and lead parents to even mental health problems. You can help lower standards and listen to more of your children. You do not have to be a perfect parent, you just have to be there for your baby.

The other reality we see in social networks

Social media can be a great stress for young parents. Perhaps that is why Instagram is the main web site that causes depression, anxiety and insomnia. However, you should not forget that not everything you see on Instagram is true. You have to look after your children and do not worry about how they care about others.

You feel like you have not been long gone

The first months of childbirth are monotonous and exhausting. It's like trying to make a marathon when you're not in good shape. However, although you are not physically fit, you can not take a break.

The first months of a child's life are monotonous and exhausting. It's like trying to make a marathon when you're away from being in good shape. And as hard as it is, you do not get sick days, over and over, and you can not get out. According to a study, new mothers do not start enjoying their baby until they return 6 months, because they are trying to accept the change of life to become a parent. If you feel as if you are ready to give up, do not hesitate to ask your family or friends to help with the baby or the job.