Have you ever suspected that your partner betrays you? Even if you have not suspected it is good to read these signs of betraying men. You may be surprised, as everything went well in your relationship, but if your loved one does these actions for sure something does not go between you.

She is not interested in sex

Removing from intimacy can be a red flag. "This signals a resignation or twist," says Nicolle Zapien, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. "The question is why." If he is tricked, his emotional or sexual needs may be reached somewhere else. He does not need to take those of you.

It is too late to get ready

If your boyfriend suddenly changes his dress style and is delayed for hours to get ready something happened to him. A new interest in his appearance may signal that he is trying to impress someone else that you are not.

Always keeps the computer closed

You have never had the opportunity to check his computer. He keeps you locked and bothered if you try to open it.

It fills you with gifts and compliments

It may seem a generous act, but sometimes it is difficult to believe. A sense of guilt can make it fill you with gifts and compliments.

You just know

Have you ever felt that something is wrong? Deep within yourself know that he is betraying you, but you are afraid to accept it.