All parents love the best for their children. They work and sacrifice too much for children to miss anything. Sometimes, however, only material goods that parents provide to children are not enough. They may lack love and time spent with them. Therefore, parents need to read this article to learn the mistakes you make with your children:

You do not enjoy communication with children

Children grow fast, but they need constant communication with adults. However, parents also need to talk to their children and enjoy their free time. So what we advise you is to enjoy each moment with your baby, as time can not be back.

You do not embrace enough children

Scientists have proved the importance of hugging health (for moral and physical health). There are many obvious advantages, but you may agree that it is good to embrace your child. Sometimes parents do not embrace children with the idea that they do not stumble, but their childhood period should be enjoyed, as they grow fast and maybe afterwards will not allow them to embrace it so much.

You did not write the first word they said

These are some good memories. You can easily live without them, but it is much better to keep them "documented".

You have been very strict

Do not be too strict with children, as you twist them and do not let them become successful. Parents when banning children for different actions, this weakens their relationship.