It contains only 35 calories per 100 gr, while it contains many nutritional values.

- Broccoli has anti-tumor properties, the 2 most popular substances are I3C (indole-3-carbinol) and sulforaphane (sulforaphane).

- Immune boosters (as it is rich in vitamin C).

- It is useful for people who have problems with hypertension (contains plenty of potassium, which helps in balancing arterial tension by removing sodium within the cells).

See how much the value contains in just 100gr:

- 5 g Carbohydrate

- 6.64 gr Fiber

- 0.37 gr Fat

- 2.82 gr Protein

- 89.2 mg Vitamin C

- 0.73 mg Hekur

- 21 mg Magnesium

- 66 mg Phosphorus

- 316 mg potassium

- 0.41 mg Zinc

- 63 mg Acid folic acid (B9)


To get the maximum values, it is advisable to consume mainly fresh or boiled for a few minutes. So when water is pouring out you can add it for a few minutes and not longer.

You can consume it

- as a salad with fresh vegetables or and boiled

- as a component in different soups

- in the omelette

- as well as other mixed vegetables for your toddlers.