Talking about the periods nowadays is no longer taboo and fortunately girls are more informed and can easily understand a problem, as they read more about menstruation. Today, through this article, we will help you understand if you have any problems, or anything goes well in your body. Menstruation color can show a lot about health so read below:


If your blood color is pink, then this means you have low levels of estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone that is often associated with women, though men also produce small amounts. Decreasing estrogen can lead to a number of health concerns and symptoms. The main risk factor for having low estrogen is the age. In older women and during menopause, it is normal for estrogen levels to fall.

Pale pink

Whereas if the color of the menstruation is pale pink, then you have nutritional abilities.

Dark coffee

Dark brown or dark red means that a piece of old blood has "sunk" inside the uterus for a long time. Nobody knows why this is happening but is considered to be a normal thing.

Thick and clammy

If you happen to see a dark red clot, it means you have high estrogen levels. In most cases you should not worry. However, if you have so many piles then it means you have a hormonal imbalance.

Gray-reddish blend

Gray-turtled discharge can mean two things: if you are not pregnant, this is a signal for an infection of sexually transmitted diseases, or it may mean an early abortion.

The color of red cranberry

If the color of your periods is like blueberry you are completely healthy. But it is worth pointing out what is normal for a man, not even for someone else. Hence, the duration of a gene chemist is always advisable.


Orange color, like a blend of red and red can mean an infection. If this is accompanied by a bad smell and strong pain you have to do with an infection from sexually transmitted diseases.