Spring comes differently in Tirana, where billboards hatch in some streets of the city to recall "Cherry Blossom" in the gardens of Kyoto in Japan, another flavor comes to the ground in spring when the first shepherd bursts out in Scotland after the pungent winter, otherwise feels in Tuscany, where greenery in the months of May and April is a green landscape closer to the imaginary paradise, Provence, in the south of France, is ready for the lavender valleys that paint the plains and the rare valleys, while in the Netherlands the Keukenhof gardens are breathtaking ...

Amsterdam, especially in the spring, offers a lot to curious travelers, ranging from walks between canals depicting the city, which is sometimes confused with Venice. There are no carnival masks and Gothic buildings here, but palaces adjacent to each other, red bricks, many bridges, boats leaving and coming, and flowers - many flowers. For those who have the passion, the flower brand tempts to buy and give it all not only because in their homeland they cost a bit, but because they really are a "Love Story".

Amsterdam is beautiful in the freshness of the morning where you can enjoy warm pastries a sweet crocus, ride on a floating bar and snack in the morning coffee, and even in the sunset when the sun sets and you are again tempted; to stay for an aperitif on a water boat, or on a bridge, where young people gather, park bicycles with colorful bouquets and colorful flowers; kiss especially on the "bridge of love", a symbol known to romantics. Nearby, an outpatient vendor sells hundreds of locks every day. People tie them up and lock them in luck on the metal sides of the bridge, throw the keys in the water, and the city hall dismantles them and collects them in the evening.

There are plenty of museums, stories, cultures, aesthetic and design aptitude, architecture, vibrancy, "good vibes," beautiful people, the noise of life lurking there. What you find, what you leave and what is left to you when you leave can be summed up in one word - inspiration.

But we are now leaving the city to move to the suburbs, in Lisse.

In a colorful garden where there is no variety of peony or tulips. Next, you can visit a fabulous town with windmills that move the wind, like the hair of romantic girls who can not resist shooting a photo.

Millions of colorful feathered tulips that spring up with the April knock, invite you to a colorful picture that reminds Van Gog and Claude Monet's stencils.

First seen in the air, everything seems surreal, like a canvas painted by the talent of a prominent artist.

Whole miles of fields where tulips of all kinds and colors are planted come to us as the most beautiful message of love that the earth can send to people.

We wanted to celebrate the magic of femininity in a special way, but also this silent relationship between the girls drawing, waiting, sewing and embroidering, and the girls who wear our dresses. For seven years, we've seen all creations from Class by AV as part of a colorful garden. We thought we would create a set with the photographer Orsola Mema and the stylist Livia Myftari, exactly in the capital of tulips.

Our dilemma was: Are not the cliché flowers in the spring? Or are they always "in", regardless of season and country? In the collection of new dresses that have just emerged from our atelier, the aroma and delicacy of flowers are exactly the inspiration that has inspired this project from the very beginning.

From fluids that are made of one to one of the most "refractory" ones that come next to the body lines, in the "class" dress collection there is a flower for each of you, a dress dedicated to every body and taste .

We have not excluded even embroidery with glittering crystals or elegant glasses, because in our "garden" flowers blend the same for the girls who dare, even for those who deserve attention without notice.

Including transparent textiles that expose feminine graces is also a tendency you find in the new collection; a dress somewhere covered with artwork and somewhere discovered to make your silhouette more sensual, evenings and ceremonial events.

Open colors are the sweetest part of spring and the materials that reveal their content are always trend this season.

So decided to travel our dresses; floral fields, where music and paintings were all over nature.

So travel the images of these dresses even in the virtual suitcases of girls who store in a gallery the images they love the most and dream of having them in their closet ...

Fixed as a perfume, these dresses are alluring and just as good perfume, the Class comes to mind and heart by turning to the sweetest spring trap; those dresses will definitely be and you can not forget! Until you wear it!

From Amsterdam lovingly, a tulip for each one of you. Do not forget! Every girl is a beautiful flower.

May 2019