A strange letter came to me yesterday. A friend of mine started writing me Corona ... Yes, yes, Corona was speaking to me in a (fictional) voice from You Tube.

I don't know what the mind was thinking and the hand that wrote it, but the message came to me. (Link you tube)

The sky was very clear yesterday evening in Tirana, after the rain. Air like this I hadn't felt for years. The city has long been living in a huge cloud of smog that doesn't take much science to analyze, just to see it from Dajti. We have planted full trees, but they cannot cope with the urgency that our country, like the whole planet, has for "fresh air".

This letter made me realize that I needed to look at the stars more, to enjoy the sunrise (which I mostly miss because I can't wake up early in the morning), not to overlook the spectacular color of the sky in sunset and enjoy the music of the rain ... This letter left me asleep, because I think of it as a message that was written about the whole story of the paralysis of the world these days.

Earth is punishing us!

I do not want to give these lines any particular scientific, medical or conspiratorial meaning, but the experience of a simple inhabitant of the earth, equal among equals who did not sleep comfortably yesterday because of what he read. "When the message you don't like, don't kill the messenger", so I chose to make Aleat Corona, the most ferocious enemy of recent days.

* From the inside of a simple or large apartment, or a luxury villa, all of us indiscriminately stuck within a few square meters, from the same window we are watching freedom overtake us badly.

In spite of the worry of one of the greatest challenges of the century, paradoxically, people are at ease, however, because they feel the same way, because the needs pyramid is overthrown, and despite bank accounts, we are equal, we have some basic needs to survive , we are equally afraid of the unknown and there is no longer a breakdown in disaster, whether you are poor or rich.

In our marathon run to a finish that is the same for everyone, we have forgotten that "the world has long been bad, that it is sick, metaphorically and physically."

This creep has lured us to an inaccessible peak, simply for a few more conveniences, erasing and damaging that part of the emotional intelligence for which we came into being.

* We've treated the animals badly and it looks like their karma has caught us because this virus is said to have come (if we should believe this fact in Corona's genesis and not dozens of conspiracy theories in circulation).

* Although glaciers are melting and very soon a good part of the world will be under water, worse than Venice, no one has a "global warming" agenda. We continued the same way with factories and industries producing money and welfare for only 20 percent of the world that owns 80 percent of the wealth of the entire planet. Nor is Gandhi's famous expression "Be in the world the change you seek to find" that we have implemented.

* We have forgotten the fires of the Amazon and Australia very soon, those fires that burned the great lungs of the planet. And here, as a vengeance, Corona comes as fire and burns our lungs making us experience the pain the planet has long been suffering from.

* We dump everything toxic into land, rivers, seas and oceans, destroying the lives of many living things that our food chain needs. In his Oscar-winning speech, Di Caprio talked about it, but heard very little. In most cases, people are indifferent to the common good, to the disaster that does not belong to us.

The world cannot be good when the inequality gap and contrasts are so strong.

How many people die in Africa, while the world speaks so little about them, while world politics makes a necessary minimum.

Ebola wreaked havoc a few years ago.

But in many parts of the African continent, technology is not as powerful as in China, the US, or Europe, and information is strewn along the way.

As the rest of us have heard, we have read it, but we did nothing.

Not even a solidarity status ... Africa is far, far from us.

This is the problem!

Everyone cares a lot about the good up to the doorstep and this is a mistake, this is the main thesis why I sat down to write.

We are all part of the whole. The ecosystem is destroyed and Earth is punishing us. Earth needs to restâ?¦

Today, when the whole world stopped running, we are happy because there were no cars, the trains and planes stopped and the sky cleared.

Along with it was the noise that had left us enjoying the music ... that of Pavarotti's "Wonderful Life" or "Nesun Dorma" that gives hope to the "Vincero" finale. But we could no longer enjoy the music of life - a life that finally stopped to see how beautiful everything around us was.

Corona's imaginary symbolic letter came as a mysterious message to me from the universe at midnight.

I find him an enemy in most cases, because he instructs us not to kiss and hug the people we love, has taken away the freedom that is more expensive, let us not meet family members, no matter if you are young or old. elderly, man or woman; is killing every day mercilessly and, worst of all, even on the deathbed leaving her alone - conscious of escaping to the next world with no loved ones nearby, which the medical protocol strictly forbids. So are Corona's chosen ones, with their lives and deaths paid for by others who will survive.

But I often don't feel like an enemy, perhaps a silent ally who is giving us a message, a second chance. The world is not good!

There's a lot of hate, a lot of underground warfare (where we all go one day).

So maybe we really need to reflect on what we are destined to enjoy on Earth.

This fear will probably serve us well.

Perhaps Corona is the afterword of a new resized life.

Me, You, Our Children, Parents, Friends, Colleagues, Society - We need to change the thoughts that guide our actions.

No one is good when society is not good.

Nothing can go well when the planet is bad.

It is a time when everyone thinks not of me but of us.

Corona is not only the life-threatening virus, but also the antivirus of the larger emotional pandemic; hatred, envy, thirst for power, damaging everything that comes before it, only to become more famous, more powerful, more financially powerful, bigger. Corona has done us a favor: it reminded us that we were small, locked us in the house, and gave us time to think. Not for ourselves, but for all of us.

Remember that we are right, so we must make the world a better place through our model. There is always a mysterious force greater than us that does not save passengers with privileged status as in the biblical account of Noah's boat.

Corona chooses who she wants!