How many times have we hit someone, simply because we can't stand the fact that he has solid foundations and is a little more protected from the tsunami that human hatred raises, especially that which arises without cause?

How many times has a strong tornado engulfed the human emotions that produce envy, jealousy, and envy?

Someone lives in huts, some in apartments or villas with better conditions, but before the force of nature, our foundations were shaken alike.

What a fear it was!

What a fear we feel!

Fear not to lose what we are and what we have.

Therefore, we must enjoy and protect what we are and what we have, without thinking about what is and what is not.

This is the first important peace treaty with yourself.

We were rocked by the foundations of all yesterday; the houses, the offices where we work, but most of all, our love was overwhelmed; first thought was children, love of life, we ran to call parents, friends, colleagues. In the second unit I thought about my phobia; as well as not staying in the elevator at the same time, i thought the doctors at the hospital operating and the patients who were really two feet dead and one heart in life yesterday.

So, in a minute, we felt like the whole world was falling over us ...

Life and death, after all, a breath separates. God told us He loves us, we were lucky. A physical earthquake would devastate Albania. We have been trying for a few years to raise our heads and become bigger than our geographic map has determined.

But for one thing this shock did us good;

It was a "shake" to realize that we have to be better; more human, more sensitive to our thoughts about the one who has more or less, the one who is better or worse than us, because at the end of the day, regardless of everyone's mission in life or profession, success or failure, wealth or poverty, power or lack of power; before death we are all alike. And death is a force of nature that does not ask you when you come in and knock on the door and say ironically "you are just dust in the wind".

Blessed is he who understands that he should not cause an "earthquake" in the life of another, simply because it makes him feel good, satisfies his ego, and drives out riots and riots.

Everyone in the mysterious alleys of silence and loneliness has their pain, drama, suffering. We are all alike.

This earthquake was an alarm bell for our society to become better.

The earthquake always shakes!

Feel how powerful he was in front of us?

If you've felt and understood me the same way, then today, surely, you've decided to be a better person and say it 1000 times in silence:

â??God, thank you, bless all the people I love!

Thank God for giving me another chance to live and nothing dear to me.

I will deserve the privilege of life and be, without a doubt, a better man;

For yourself, then for others �...

It is a seismic zone of the human heart and brain, to be set in motion by LOVE! Let human love shake, shake and shock Albanians. It's the only earthquake that does well.