Which child does not marvel in an environment full of real animals? They play with them, pamper them, try to feed them though small and have a lot of curiosity to know them one by one. It looks like we're in a real animal farm, but we're actually on a birthday! It's the first birthday party of Ajka, the girl of Genshila and Besi, and this event could not be more spectacular than that.

The lion loves many animals, so parents decided to bring almost a whole ranch with real animals. Along with Class Events, the little girl's parents selected the theme of her daughter's first birthday, with lots of details that make this event unforgettable. The party was organized in their villa in Lalzi Bay where all the elements of the décor were materialized neatly in the available space. Rabbits, birds, a pony and many other living creatures created the real atmosphere of a farm where all the kids with the curiosity of the age approached to touch them closely to feed and entertain them .

A tent, a large straw chair, a giant fence for animals, all the elements of the décor conceived the idea of a Boho style within which all the children enjoyed the endless. The other interesting detail that spikati throughout this organization was the special angle of the pellets puppies that were donated to the guests on the birthday of Ajka, while the label was "Adopt a puppy"!

Class Events in a very original way turned the entire space of the villa into a real farm where little Ajka, as well as all other children participating in birthdays, tasted the atmosphere at its best.