Today I am 28 and still my parents, at 16:55 (if they are not close to me), call me very emotionally because my only daughter was born. A ritual that is still rigorous because it changed lives forever, made sense ... else.

I remember that my birthdays were simple but extremely beautiful. There was nothing missing. I never loved surprises, they have always given me an easy anxiety, probably because the holidays and noises have never been in my leisure and leisure portfolios. But they were masters of organizing my birthday. I did not have many requests normally, but I could hardly wait to bleed the candles (I had strange desires). And that was the key moment; kissing from mom and dad (my mom was crying and I never understood); punctual father at 16:55 and I hardly pressed my eyes to express my desire in my head (I wanted to go to the moon).

The baby's world is absolutely the best time one can spend. Sincere, naive, free. I remember waiting for scissors with scissors upstairs to make ribbons-strips because the rays of the sun came in the room freely. Mom did not really agree. It led me to the corner of the room, like the whole mamma. But at least J laughs

Elda, my close friend a few weeks ago celebrated the birthday of the gocas and unlike my nature not so much fun to celebrate myself, I have the downfall to please others at the feast. I can not describe you, the feeling I had when I entered the party organized by the Class Events. I turned my back for 2 seconds. Pink, peppermint, cakes, small houses, endless balloons ... a micro world of fairy tales.

I began to talk about babies, because I was surrounded by age 0-3. In fact, we have an impact on everyone's environment. We were all with that expression in the face as in the cloud, though they dragged me on the twin arm and they talked in the chorus: 'Do loziiiiim ?!'.

When I become a parent I will bring heaven to earth! I want him / her to remember forever, because we are surrounded by memory. When we remember something from ahead in time, it reminds us of the memory. We re-waking up the senses, as I wore the decors those 3 hours of classmates.

For Elda's 1st anniversary celebration, Elda had researched Class's social world with their birthday wallet portfolio (themes ... uh, uh, uh) and immediately had a meeting with the event manager. At the meeting, two other architects were waiting for him. After encompassing the ideas and proposals of design masters, Elda told me that she only had to wait for the event day. Facilitated by the loads, under the management and care of the company that ultimately implements and coordinates every detail, with what I realized, besides the lack of stress, was enjoying the maximum of the day.

Photographers and cameramen (except 20,000 phone photographs) did not pause for a second. Small, I do not think I'll remember something because 1 year old ... but with all these images, I'm sure you will experience it.

I will celebrate my soul this way!

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