Aloris, a sweet kid like honey, deserved a celebration just as sweet as his. For his first birthday, family and close people gathered to celebrate an event as beautiful as the 1st anniversary. Although he will not remember anything about the wonderful holiday that was organized for him, the photos will be there to memorize endless memories for all the guests, but also for Aloris himself who will love to see them when grow.

Class Events held a sweet honeymoon party for this special little boy's first birthday. The colors that dominated the décor were pastel colors, mostly yellow, just like honey. The photobooth corner, which read "Aloris 1st birthday" was filled with balloons. Next to him stood sweets of various kinds, ranging from donuts, cupcakes, wafers, etc., all covered with honey or sugar bee.

There was no such thing as a honey lover, the bear Winnie the Pooh, at such a celebration. Where there is honey is Pooh too! The famous bear, along with his friends made Aloris cake look like a fairy tale.

But doesn't this honey crumb seem adorable?

The tables and chairs were a combination of white with pastel yellow. In the same colors were the flowers that decorated the middle of the long rectangular table, along which large candles were placed, but in pastel tones. The holiday was organized outdoors in the green to give the impression of being in the woods of Winnie the Pooh.

The scotches were white with gold details and placed over them by a letter in the form of hoji heralding the purpose of the feast. Next to the desserts was a small jar of honey to sweeten the guests.

But even sweeter than the honey found in every corner of the holiday was the little Aloris!