It was decided! Amadeus leaves Rai. He has informed the general director, Rossi, that he is leaving the company. Amadeus will not renew its contract with Rai, which expires on August 31.

One hundred 'bananas', you got it right, 100 million dollars in four years! A figure worth as much as the total advertising revenue during the Sanremo festival. Warner Bros. is considering giving Amadeus a 10% stake.

Rai is not a space for creatives

Especially in light of recent events, it seems that Amadeus wanted to design and take care of the authoring part of the programs, but Rai said no, Rai is not exactly the right place for experimentation. Very different from the 'willingness to experiment' and 'organisational role' that Warner promises.

Who will present Sanremo?

As for Sanremo, it is said that the successor will be Carlo Conti, who presented as a guest on the third night of the last festival.